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Project EarthBridge

Music for the World

Project EartBridge was born on July 5, 2020 in a corner of the world particularly hard hit by the pandemic and the social unrest that followed in its wake, when the first lines of the new song "Avalanche" were written. Looking out from the window of the train, summer was unfolding, though it was not the same kind of summer that had preceded it for so many years prior to the worst pandemic in over 100 years. "Winter came too soon, summer barely started, as the crippling cold took hold, an open bleeding wound, but we cannot heal until we mend the scars of old", as the second verse of "Avalanche" reads, seemed like a fitting description of a summer that would never be what it could have been.

From there, Project EarthBridge continued with the more upbeat "2019 Again", reminiscing a time of unrestricted parties, dancing and filled stadiums. However, the song also calls to caution, as 2020 may have ended as a calendar year but is still very much affecting our daily lives.Rather, "2019 Again" carries a sentiment to "party like it's 2019 again" in spirit, when we have to be physically distant, at least until "we have kicked out 2020 at last".

From current events like the pandemic and economic recession to timeless themes like souls reuniting in love and the power of conviction, Project EarthBridge is bridging the world through music and aiming to create songs that can help make the world a smaller place. This is accomplished through a musical platform where singers and other collaborators can contribute towards making Project Earthbridge a force to be reckoned with in the world of music.

Thomas Karlsson & Jimmy Granström